Volatile Power

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You need to be a Scientist or have a friend scientist open the door to the area where this datacube is at.

Entering Exo-Lab 729

To enter Exo Lab 729 a scientist first has to scan some consoles in the Ancient Tower (shown on the map and place where you do part of the main quest). After you do that head north to Exo-Lab 729 entrance and you will now be able to interact with three consoles. Once you manage to turn all three of them on you will b e able to interact with a door switch, which will take you inside the second room of Exo Lab 729. Datacube is inside that room.


Scientists can scan consoles inside the ancient Tower (see the little blue icons over the consoles? That means you can scan them).


Ancient tower map Location


Next go to Exo-Lab 729 and you will now have three consoles to interact with.


Exo-Lab 729 entrance map location


Once you interact with the consoles a door switch will become active.


Volatile Power datacube is inside


Northern Wilds

Northern Wilds

DATACUBE ENTRY: Volatile Power


Aviel: Order of the Weavers


By extracting pure primal air from loftite crystals, the tower below is able to generate wildly different meteorological effects. Currently the machine is generating a storm, but it could just as easily create destructive bolts of lightning, or a whirlwind of such power it would tear this facility apart. What a sight that would make…

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Datacube