Why I choose to play Draken Stalker

wildstar Draken Stalker
Reading the official Wildstar races page I found a lot of diverse and different looking races to choose from (you like robots – they got them; demons – no problem; anime style – why not; they are all there and available), but Draken are the ones that caught my eye. I guess that is because, in my mind, they reminded me of rogues and starcraft zealots that, as game characters, I liked the most in my gaming history. Since I do not particularly fancy mechanical characters, nor little bunnies wielding deadly weapons I think I’ll play this race and, as you can probably deduce from my previous sentence, I will be playing a stalker.

wildstar Draken StalkerI love the possibility of entering combat in such manner that the enemy receives a lot of damage before they even realize they are being attacked (I also love the fact they will probably flip because they are being attacked by “them nasty little backstabbers”), and then casually exit combat into stealth, laughing on the sides at the sights of my enemy writhing around on the floor screaming in pain and agony. I can’t wait to see a Granok hitting my hologram and running around like a headless chicken, tripping proximity mines, all while hoping to find me and not noticing his health points drop dangerously low until it’s too late.
I also love the fact that I will be able to avoid a bunch of NPC mobs in PvE while using my stealth abilities so I can reach the main objective of my mission. I just love being agile and doing stuff on my terms. Quick melee characters that have loads of options in combat is the way I like it. But foremost and above all is this quote from developers that brought my attention to the Stalker class:

During combat, Stalkers leave a pile of corpses in their wake before silently disappearing into the shadows.

That was enough for me to choose. How about you?