Medic Is The Focus Of The Latest Class Drop

It’s been a big day for WildStar fans due to the announcement of the final two classes, the Medic and the Engineer. Both classes look like a lot of fun, but this week the focus is all about the Medic. That means you can learn a whole lot more about the class by checking out its official class page, and by tuning into the AMA reddit on Thursday and the livestream showing off the new class on Saturday.

Continue reading to see the official announcement from Carbine, and let us know what you think of the class in the comments below.

Nurse!  Prepare the operating table, because this doctor is about to wash his hands and get MEDICAL on this week’s ULTRA DROP ™

When the Medic isn’t vaporizing enemies with their trusty resonators (think ridiculous, sci-fi shock paddles) they’re busy deploying fields and probes to do the dirty work for them. Unless they’re feeling a bit more humane and healing their buddies instead…

Learn more about this medical madman (or madwoman) over on the Medic class page!

Like we’ve done with all our re-reveals, we’ll be hosting a Reddit AMA on Thursday at 1PM PST over at the WildStar Subreddit where you can pose all your questions about Dr Healy McDamage (aka The Medic) to the class devs! They have degrees in AWESOME*.

*This is absolutely not official in any sense.

On Saturday the 7th of December you can join us over on our Twitch channel at 12PM PST for the Medic Livestream! We’ll be revealing gameplay footage of the class, as well as answering questions from the community. Given our last few streams have also featured dueling, dungeon bosses and more who knows what else may show up!

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Join us next week to meet the Engineer and all their robotic pals!

See you next time WildStar Fans!