This a build is for tanking end game content. The abilities needed to maintain aggro are kept to the very minimum needed to maximize the slots on your bar for situation abilities. its a mix of the Volatility Rising, and shield mitigation specs you see all over the place. I find a streamline threat rotation from the Volatility Rising build, and the 2 main abilities of the Shield Mitigation build combine quite nicely. As an Engineer myself i focus on my shields the increased mitigation we have on our shields is our strongest tanking characteristic.

The first 5 abilities are the required for this build. using dash which we do all the time, hyperwave and Volatile Injection as our volatility builders.

Use Volatile Injection on CD, while its on CD that is when you drop your Repairbots circle of mitigation. If the situation dictates your able to have Personal Defense Unit on your baron your bar, I cast it on myself as soon as the repairbots circle is gone. the tiered up damage mitigation on Personal Defense Unit make it a very strong ability If you don't need that slot for a stun rotation.

You can change out PDU, Code Red, and Shatter Impairment to be tailored to every fight boss or trash. More than likely it'll be for Zap T4 and Obstruct Vision for a stun rotation. Just use the correct tool for any job presented to be more successful.

If your at 70 or above volatility you need to use unsteady miasma to keep you in the zone between 30 and 70.

In between all of the above you should be using Particle Ejector. You want it maxed out due to the extra threat generation.

On my amps i used my first collection of elder gems to buy an amp instead of ability point because i had an immediate very strong amp available to me Boosted Armor.

The most important thing to remember over all is experiment with your builds and play styles till you find what works best for you....... and well your healer.

Good Luck and I hope this helps Engineer Tanks a little more than what i found out on the internet.

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Shields Rising build with 3 situational ability slots


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