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Stormtalon’s Lair Dungeon Guide


Stormtalon’s Lair is a Wildstar dungeon for players level 20. You can enter the dungeon at level 17, but it appears in group finder at level 20. This dungeon is located in the Exile zone Galeras, south of the Thunder Call Village.

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Stormtalon Wildstar Wednesday


What is Wildstar Wednesday? For those following Wildstar avidly for months the answer is known, but for you folks just discovering this game let me explain what Wildstar Wednesday is. It is an article series created by Carbine where you can read stuff like Pope-a-telli (when referring to Mike Donatelli), where Notch is mentioned (developer of Minecraft) and where you find out that Poptart is the name of the first Wildstar closed beta test character (allegedly). All this and much more was related to us through the Wildstar Wednesday article posted on the official Wildstar website by none other than eremy “Gaffer” Gaffney. You can read the full article here and if you last ’till the end you’ll notice that the name of the first announced Wildstar dungeon is Stormtalon and those attending Arkship EU will get to play it (more about that in our next article)!