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Rare Mobs in Daily Zones

There are 4 rare mobs you can encounter while adventuring through Crimson Badlands and Northern Wastes. Two of them are found in Crimson Badlands and the other two are in Northern Wastes.

After defeating all rares, you will complete the achievement “I Like it Rare: Crimson Badlands” and “I Like it Rare: Northern Wastes” listed under Achievement » Kill » Crimson Badlands / Northern Wastes. In the table below, you’ll find the list of all rare mobs available in Daily Zones, their spawn locations with coordinates, and possible loot. Loot shown bellow is specific to those creatures. You can also expect these creatures to drop, in rare occasions, loot like Sign of Earth, Air, Logic, Fire … Rune Fragments, Starloom Clothes and similar. Rare Mobs in Northern Wastes also drop item Encrypted Datashard needed for IMBUEMENT: Data Recovery .

Click here to see a list and locations of all Daily Zone Rare mobs and their loot