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Windy Things


Whirlygig is convinced he’ll never make it to the top of Scourwind Peak with all the hostile air elementals in his way. He’s asked you to kill the elementals so he can get to the top of Scourwind Peak in relative safety. In addition, Whirlygig would also like to know if the dust devils in the area are safe to ride.


1. Destroy Crackling Stormgust around Scourwind Peak

2. Ride dust devils around Scourwind Peak

Windy Things 5836 Unmount in order to ride dust devils.


Report to Whirlygig via your Datachron


  • 47985XP
  • 294 The Malgrave Outriders Reputation Points
  • 294 The Malgrave Territories Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 45

Required Level: 42


Zone: Malgrave

Category: Zone – Malgrave

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