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Washed Away


Overseer Vrizz wants you to go to The Drowned Cooperative and deploy Seismic Scanner to discover the cause of the erosion that doomed the former Cooperative.


1. Deploy Seismic Scanner at the Drill Sites in The Drowned Cooperative

2. Collect Dam Debris from Tanglemire Biter in the in the The Drowned Cooperative

3. Find Foreman Wazz’s Datachron by killing Ironjaw in The Drowned Cooperative


Report to Overseer Vrizz via Datachron


  • 3172XP
  • 266 Dreadmoor Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 22

Required Level: 19


Zone: Dreadmoor

Category: Zone – Dreadmoor

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