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Walking into a Trap


Dorian Walker is under attack by the pumera of the Torine Sisterhood in Wilderrun. Help Dorian survive the attack, then join him on his expedition to locate the Everpool.


1. Recover Dorian Walker’s Datachron from the attacking pumera in the Undergrove

2. Rendezvous with Dorian Walker at his speeder in the Undergrove

3. Start Dorian’s Speeder in the Undergrove

4. Escape the trap set by Artemis Zin in the Undergrove

5. Help Dorian escape (invisible vis prereq)


Speak to Dorian Walker in the Undergrove


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 35

Required Level: 32


Zone: Wilderrun

Category: Zone – Wilderrun

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