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(Un)Safety Protocols


Kezrek Warbringer has ordered you to participate in advanced combat training in the Destiny’s holochambers. By confronting holographic enemies in simulated environments, you will prove your strength while learning more about the Exiles, their depraved cultures, and their primitive tactics.


1. Enter the Granok Simulation in the Holochambers

2. Kill Greyneck Granok holograms in the Granok Simulation

3. Arm the Primal Fusion Device in the Granok Simulation

4. Enter the Mordesh Simulation in the Holochambers

5. Collect Failed Trainee ID from Failed Recruit in the Mordesh Simulation


Return to Kezrek Warbringer in the Destiny’s Holochambers


Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 2

Required Level: 1


Zone: The Destiny

Category: Zone – Dominion Arkship – The Destiny

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