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Trilogy of the Pell


Archaeologist Knox has discovered that three additional Pell tomes – the Tome of Air, the Tome of Stormtalon, and the Tome of Summoning – exist. He’s asked you to return to Thundercall Village and recover copies of the other tomes.


1. Collect the Tome of Air from a Air Tome-Binder in Thundercall Village

2. Collect the Tome of Stormtalon from a Stormtalon Tome-Binder in Thundercall Village

3. Collect the Tome of Summoning from a Summoning Tome-Binder in Thundercall Village


Return to Archaeologist Knox in the XAS Forward Camp


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 19

Required Level: 16


Zone: Galeras

Category: Zone – Galeras

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