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Too Much Flavorite!


Make procesed meals for Protostar Flavorite overdose sufferers.


1. Cook 1 Fried Processed Pepper “Fillet” from Processed Fried Dishes

2. Cook 1 Seared Processed Dill “Rib” from Processed Fried Dishes

3. Cook 1 Nuked Processed Mint “Fillet” from Processed Nuked Dishes

4. Cook 1 Nuked Processed Dill “Shank” from Processed Nuked Dishes

5. Cook 1 Processed Minty “Rib” Stew from Processed Stewed Dishes

6. Cook 1 Processed Pepper “Shank” Stew from Processed Stewed Dishes


Six processed meals cooked. Return to the Protostar Requisition Analyst.


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 5

Required Level: 5