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The Squirg and I (Exile)


You found an Odd Squirg in the Blasted Fields. Through a psychic connection, an alien mind probe, or as a result of your own insanity, the creature expressed that it desires your help in order to feed on the brains of your Dominion enemies.


1. Use the Odd Squirg to attack Dominion players and troops in the Blasted Fields

The Squirg and I 3348 Get close to Dominion troops in their camp. Don’t get too close or they will kill you in 2 shots. Use keyboard button “T”(by default) when you target them.
The Squirg and I 3349 Pull away from camp and kill them. Rinse repeat.


Communicate psychically with the Odd Squirg

The Squirg and I 3350 The Quest has the best prize for head costume. Check it out!


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 25

Required Level: 22


Zone: Whitevale

Category: Zone – Whitevale