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The Haunted Fen


The Moodies of the Haunted Fen used to be managable, never harming travelers who stayed on the road and away from their camp. Lately, people have been disappearing on the road, and the Moodies are likely to blame. Scout the road that leads through The Haunted Fen, and see if you can determine what precipitated this change.


1. Scout the southern crossroads in The Haunted Fen

2. Scout the central crossroads in The Haunted Fen

3. Scout the northern crossroads in The Haunted Fen

4. Scout the Moodie village crossroads in The Haunted Fen

5. Scout deeper into the Moodie Village in The Haunted Fen


Speak to Grand Matria Oggra


  • 1586XP
  • 133 Dreadmoor Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 22

Required Level: 19


Zone: Dreadmoor

Category: Zone – Dreadmoor

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