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The Eldan Augmentor


Having obtained the Eldan teleporter key, you can now enter Exo-Lab 83 through the Eldan teleporter pad at the center of the XAS Excavation Site. Once there, try to locate Professor Digstone and put an end to the mysterious augmentation that has afflicted the XAS team.


1. Enter Exo-Lab 83 by using the Eldan Teleporter Pad at the XAS Excavation Site

2. Defeat both the Damaged Eldan Augmentor and Professor Digstone inside Exo-Lab 83

3. Deactivate the Eldan Transmitter in the Exo-Lab 83


Return to Sue Digstone at the XAS Excavation Site


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 17

Required Level: 14


Zone: Galeras

Category: Zone – Galeras

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