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The Amenities of Lightreach


Patiria Adecus in Lightreach Mission wants to help you out by showing you three of the most important amenities on Nexus. You need to find the mailbox, the taxi kiosk, and the transmat terminal. She’ll tell you about each one as you find them.


1. Find the Lightreach Mailbox in Lightreach Mission in Ellevar

2. Find the Lightreach Taxi Kiosk in Lightreach Mission in Ellevar

3. Find the Transmat Terminal in Lightreach Mission in Ellevar


Speak to Patiria Adecus at Lightreach Mission


  • Unknown The Ellevar Sanction Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 5

Required Level: 2


Zone: Ellevar

Category: Zone – Ellevar

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