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Thayd Tours


In order to get to know the Exile capital city, Thayd, you should find all the Thayd Tours Holoprojectors and listen to what they have to say about the important amenities available to you. Kit Brinny would love to guide you herself, but she is stuck doing cleaning duty for running her mouth again.

Thayd Tours 919 You can accept this quest when you enter Thayd.


1. Find and listen to all the Tour Holoprojectors in Thayd

Thayd Tours 920 Find and enter Pilgrim’s Promenade.


Speak to Kit Brinny via your Datachron

Thayd Tours 925 Use Teleport: Thayd item.
Thayd Tours 926 To receive free Thayd Teleport.


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 1

Required Level: 1


Zone: Thayd

Category: Capital City – Thayd

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