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Sim Core: Marvelous Mimicry


Head Researcher Septimia has requested you assist in the repair of Sim Core A-01 located deep underneath the green hills of Illium.


1. Meet with Holotechnician Jongo outside Sim Core A-01 in Illium

2. Report to Holotechnician Ango inside Sim Core A-01

3. Activate the Sim Core Processor throughout Sim Core A-01

4. Activate the bootup sequence using the Transimulator Interface

5. Destroy the Astrovoid Prisoner inside Sim Core A-01


Speak to The Caretaker in Sim Core A-01 beneath Illium


  • 225XP

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 15

Required Level: 15


Zone: Illium

Category: Adventure

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