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Shiny Fever


You’ve found the Lopp in Anu Ani are untrusting of outsiders. You must collect Aetherwing Fledgling Glands and Halonzoa Pollen in order to create an Aetherbrew, a local Anu Ani beverage that should help calm their nerves.


1. Collect Aetherwing Fledgling Gland from the Aetherwing Fledglings in the Spectrosphere

2. Collect Halonzoa Pollen by jumping through clouds of them near glowstalks in the Spectrosphere or by killing Halonzoa Medusas

3. Deliver the ingredients to Kaysa the Wise in Anu Ani to help create the sedative

4. Administer the Aetherbrew to the Crazed Lopp in Anu Ani


Speak with Kaysa the Wise in Anu Ani


  • 37500XP
  • 38 Halon Ring Reputation Points
  • 38 Halon Ring Reputation Points
  • 105 Lopp Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 50

Required Level: 50


Zone: The Borellian Cluster

Category: Zone – Halon Ring 1 – Borellian Cluster

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