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Secure Landing


Sergeant Kara and her men are dropping in to join the final Exile push into Stormwing Fortress. She’s asked you to secure safe landing zones by placing flares in the pre-designated areas – spots marked with an ‘X’ – in Stormwing Fortress.


1. Place Landing Flares at the drop zone in Stormwing Fortress

2. Move to a safe spot in Stormwing Fortress

3. Wait for Sergeant Kara arrival in Stormwing Fortress


Speak to Sergeant Kara in Stormwing Fortress


  • 1428XP
  • 113 OPERATION: Galeras Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 21

Required Level: 18


Zone: Galeras

Category: Zone – Galeras

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