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Rise of the Swamp Thing


Overseer Vrizz wants you to kill the Gloomthorn Bogwhisperer and destroy the Gloomthorn Bog Giant in the Gloomthorn Encampment before they can attack the dam.


1. Kill Gloomthorn Bogwhisperer to summon the Bog Giant inside the Gloomthorn Encampment

2. Summon and kill Gloomthorn Bog Giant by using the Bogwhisper’s Stone inside the Gloomthorn Encampment


Report to Overseer Vrizz via Datachron


  • 3172XP
  • 266 Dreadmoor Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 22

Required Level: 19


Zone: Dreadmoor

Category: Zone – Dreadmoor

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