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Prepping the Broadcast


The PSPN Producer in Area 77 is in dire need of help. His broadcasting equipment, which is to be used to air the Hellrose Bowl event, has been lost. He’s asked you to take his backup Protostar broadcasting equipment and give it to the PSPN Associate Producer at the stadium.


1. Pick up the Protostar Broadcasting Equipment from the Busted Protostar Secure-A-Lock 3000 in Area 77


Talk to the PSPN Associate Producer at the Hellrose Bowl Stadium


  • 47985XP
  • 294 The Malgrave Outriders Reputation Points
  • 294 The Malgrave Territories Reputation Points
  • 100 Protostar Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 45

Required Level: 42


Zone: Malgrave

Category: Zone – Malgrave