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Order of Snowflakes


Pattern-Seeker has an obsession with studying his Logic attunement through the crystal formations of snowflakes. However, his desire has a few roadblocks that need special attention. Help Pattern-Seeker continue to study Logic by rebooting his lab and gathering snowflakes and placing them onto his microscopes before they melt.


1. Reboot the Power Generators around Pattern-Seeker’s Recluse.

2. Gather Snowflakes and place them on Microscopes around Pattern-Seeker’s Recluse.

3. Turn On the Sprinklers


Speak with Pattern-Seeker inside his Recluse.


  • 10263XP

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 38

Required Level: 35


Zone: Murkmire

Category: Zone – Murkmire

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