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Operation: Drivebreaker


Treasure Hunter Pallavi is intent on taking back any and all shinies stolen by the Darkspur Cartel. To start with, she’d like you to disable the Darkspur Hauler. Collect Mining Explosive around the Darkspur Hauling Station, then use it to disable the Hauler’s drive system.


1. Collect Mining Explosive around the Darkspur Hauling Station

2. Toss the Mining Explosive into the Darkspur Hauler’s Main Engine at the Darkspur Hauling Station


Report to Treasure Hunter Pallavi via your Datachron


  • 47925XP
  • 294 The Malgrave Territories Reputation Points
  • 294 The Malgrave Outriders Reputation Points
  • 50 Lopp Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 42

Required Level: 39


Zone: Malgrave

Category: Zone – Malgrave

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