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Opening Doors (Exile)


You received a call from the head of the XAS, Professor Rhoda Wellspring, requesting your assistance in investigating a strange portal that has appeared in Thayd. Travel there and find out where the portal leads.


1. Travel to the Mysterious Portal in Thayd

2. Enter the Mysterious Portal in Thayd

3. Discover the secrets of Exo-Lab Prime


Speak to Professor Rhoda Wellspring in the Secret Ops Center in Thayd


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 35

Required Level: 35


Zone: Thayd

Category: World Story

One thought on “Opening Doors (Exile)

  1. Ferro

    Hello. For validate this quest, the “Center of secret operation” is in [s]north Thayd on “Promenade Pelerin” zone[/s] at -3580;-3110.

    Sorry for my english.


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