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Mutually Assured Destruction (Exile)


Victor Lazarin at Raxen’s Holdout has ordered you to find a jetpack and use it to gain access to the terraformer in the Blasted Fields so you can delete its data, then shut it down.


1. Find the Jetpack of Fallen Trooper and use his Jetpack, or find another way to get to the top of the Terraformer

Mutually Assured Destruction 3407 Keep pressing 1 for those jump boosts.

2. Wipe the Terraformer Console data in the Blasted Fields

3. Escape from the Terraformer in the Blasted Fields


Report to Victor Lazarin at Raxen’s Holdout


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 25

Required Level: 22


Zone: Whitevale

Category: Zone – Whitevale

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