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Minimizing Losses


For your second assignment as the Protostar Intern, the Prime Executive has tasked you with salvaging parts from the sabotaged fishbots in South Whitevale. The recovered parts can then be used to reactivate the Protostar fish collectors on Calmwater Lake.


1. Collect Salvaged Part from Sabotaged Fishbot near Calmwater Lake

2. Reactivate Protostar Fish Collector near Calmwater Lake


Return to the Prime Executive at Prosperity Junction


  • 17382XP
  • 399 The Whitevale Frontier Reputation Points
  • 399 The Whitevale Offensive Reputation Points
  • 100 Protostar Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 26

Required Level: 23


Zone: Whitevale

Category: Zone – Whitevale

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