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Medbay Mayhem


If Sadie Brightland is to be saved from her cryosickness, Victor Lazarin needs you to collect Cryosickness Serum from the Malfunctioning Medbot that have taken over the Medbay.

Medbay Mayhem 134 Victor Laazarin gives the quest.


1. Talk to Sergeant Kara in the Medbay to receive your weapon

2. Open the menu and select “Inventory”, then right-click on the new weapon in your Inventory to equip it

Medbay Mayhem 136 Press keyboard button “I” (by default) to bring up inventory, and equip weapon (right mouse click).

3. Damage a Malfunctioning Medbot using your abilities in the Medbay

4. Collect Cryosickness Serum from Malfunctioning Medbot in the Medbay

Medbay Mayhem 138 Press keyboard button “V” to loot Cryosickness Serum from killed Malfunctioning Medbots.

5. Heal Sadie Brightland in the Medbay


Talk to Deadeye Brightland in the Medbay


  • 120XP
  • 80 Copper

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 1

Required Level: 1


Zone: The Gambler’s Ruin

Category: Zone – Exile Arkship – The Gambler’s Ruin

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