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Maximum Potency


According to Furlo Gre, Mondo says that exanite can be used to create flasks that can securely hold Strain samples. To create these flasks, Furlo would like you to collect exa-bulbs, exanite-encrusted flowers, from the Empyreal Caverns inside Exolab Y-23.


1. Enter the Empyreal Caverns

2. Collect Exa-bulb in the Empyreal Caverns

Maximum Potency 9489 Exa-bulb can be also looted from dead Cavern Goldslab.

3. Retrieve the Efflorescent Exa-bloom in the Empyreal Caverns


Return to Mondo Zax in Exo-Lab Y-23


  • 75000XP
  • 75 Guardians of the Grove Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 50

Required Level: 50


Zone: Blighthaven

Category: Zone – Grimvault