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Lesson 4: The Means Justify the Effects


Make 3 different items using similar ingredients.


1. Gather new spices from the crates: Flavorless Toothmint and Flavorless Mountain Dill

2. Gather your new meat base from the crates: Flavorless Rib

3. Speak to the vendor to buy Flavorless Fry Oil, “Flavor-Saver” EZ-Wrap, and Flavorless Quikbroth

4. Fry ribs using the Bland Seared Rib recipe

5. Nuke ribs using the Bland Nuked Rib recipe

6. Stew ribs using the Bland Rib Stew recipe


Return to Chef Robaire with your prepared meals


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 5

Required Level: 5