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Lesson 2: Fry Crates


Gather materials from 3 crates and make 3 meals for Protostar


1. Read “Introductory Recipes”

2. Gather your method ingredient from the crate: Flavorless Fry Oil

3. Gather the spice for your recipe from the crate: Flavorless Black Pepper

4. Gather your base meat to cook from the crate: Flavorless Fillet

5. Create Bland Fried Redbeak Fillets using your new schematic and the ingredients given

6. Collect 3 Bland Fried Redbeak Fillets


Return to Chef Robaire with your Bland Fried “Fillet”


  • 38XP

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 5

Required Level: 5