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Isigrol-Bent for Leather (Exile)


The Work Order Board in Grimvault lists a work order request for medium armor to supply the Exiles in their fight against the Strain. Outfitters interested in contributing should bring the requested items to Crafting Trainer Thorpe at The Final Stand.

Isigrol-Bent for Leather 9625 Southern Grimvault Work Order Board.



Isigrol-Bent for Leather 9627 Warden’s LitheTek Basic Boots.
Isigrol-Bent for Leather 9644 Warden’s LitheTek Advanced Shoulder Pads.


Bring the Medium Armor to Crafting Trainer Thorpe at The Final Stand


  • 1467 Copper

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 45

Required Level: 10


Zone: Grimvault

Category: Tradeskills

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