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Indoctrination Denied


After restoring the first of The Caretaker control panels within Augment Facility X426, his scans of the area have found the Ascendancy has several prisoners. To prevent the Soulcore Cell from indoctrinating these captives, he’s asked you to free them.


1. Destroy Electro Chains to free Subjugated captives in Augment Facility X426

2. Activate Caretaker’s Panel Alpha in Augment Facility X426


Return to The Caretaker in Augment Facility X426


  • 17382XP
  • 399 The Whitevale Frontier Reputation Points
  • 399 The Whitevale Offensive Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 28

Required Level: 25


Zone: Whitevale

Category: Zone – Whitevale

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