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IMBUEMENT: Eager Egg Hunt


To imbue your item with greater power, you must find and collect Vind Eggs around Woodhaven in Celestion.


1. Collect Vind Egg around Woodhaven in Celestion


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 12

Required Level: 1


Category: Item Imbuements

10 thoughts on “IMBUEMENT: Eager Egg Hunt

  1. Septiembre

    The vind, that follows you around, puffs up when you are near eggs, which are in nests, under bridges and in the center tree. Also, I was down to 2 eggs left out of 20 I had find and I could not find anymore. After about 1/2 hour of looking, my brilliant boyfriend told me to log out and back in, and viola-the eggs repawned and I was able to complete the quest.

    1. Kaine

      Same problem, as Septiembre and the same solution worked. I wish I’d looked this up an hour ago.

  2. GideonDelta

    The eggs can also be found up in the tree. Decided to do some platforming and found a bunch at various levels of the tree.

  3. Korra Siv

    Relogging doesn’t make the eggs respawn anymore… they no longer require 20 but 16, but I’ve been looking for the last one off&on for 2 days now -_-

    1. FAeruun

      As of september 13th, relogging still doesn’t make them respawn. I cannot find the last one, and it’s kind of annoying. Since it puffs up at where i think it is, but there isn’t a nest in sight. I’ve looked high and low and left n right.

  4. Owle

    I’ve been looking for the last egg for awhile also. It’s not appearing and I’ve been up the tree a few times. Only found a nest of two up there once. And I’ve gotten everything on the ground that I could find.

  5. Arielelian

    I found the last lone egg in a nest on the most Western point of Wood haven. It’s tucked behind a trio of bushes where the leaves are folding down. Not too far from the Space Ship.

  6. Einherjar

    I found the last egg that I needed, spawned in the tree, halfway up the second series of platforms. But it was bugged and unselectable even though it was flashing. So i said Fuck this i don’t have time for this shit and moved on.


    Don’t waste your time.

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