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Ikthian Insights


Agent Cognosa has managed to shoot down one of the Ikthian ships in Ellevar. Investigate the crash site just outside of Sterling Croft and learn the secrets of Ikthian technology.


1. Access the Crashed Ship outside of Sterling Croft

2. Obtain a Slenderskin Primal Sample by killing a Slenderskin Ikthian in Sterlingcroft Forest

3. Use the Slenderskin Primal Sample to access and obtain data from the crashed ship due east of Sterling Croft


Return to Agent Cognosa in Sterling Croft


  • 421XP
  • 188 The Ellevar Sanction Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 13

Required Level: 10


Zone: Ellevar

Category: Zone – Ellevar

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