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Hunting for Eldan Relics (Dominion)


Craftmaster Tiberia Marcela at the Tradeskill Hub in Lightreach Mission has instructed you to search for Eldan relics. Acquire an Novice’s Relic Blaster from Technologist Corvianos and harvest Standard Omni-Plasm from Standard Relic Node in Ellevar.


1. Talk to Technologist Corvianos in the Lightreach Mission to get your Novice’s Relic Blaster

2. Equip the Novice’s Relic Blaster

3. Collect Standard Omni-Plasm from Standard Relic Node in Ellevar


Bring the Standard Omni-Plasm to Technologist Corvianos in Lightreach Mission


Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 10

Required Level: 10


Zone: Ellevar

Category: Tradeskills

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