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Help Out a Friend?


The pixpox plague has infected the Exile alchemists in Fool’s Hope who were working toward a cure. Other patients have sustained injuries from exploding flasks. Field Medic Gaxag could use a hand putting them all back to rights.


1. Pick up a Medical Kit from the Medical Station in Fool’s Hope

2. Heal Wounded Alchemist with the Medical Kit in Fool’s Hope

3. Pick up the bottle of Pixpox Antibodies in Fool’s Hope

4. Inject Plagued Alchemist with Pixpox Antibodies in Fool’s Hope


Return to Field Medic Gaxag in Fool’s Hope


  • 30115XP
  • 362 Wilderrun Expedition Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 35

Required Level: 32


Zone: Wilderrun

Category: Zone – Wilderrun

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