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Hell-Bent for Leather


The Exile Craftsman’s Brigade has offered you a contract that will aid Exile forces in Thermock Hold as they battle the Dominion on distant battlefields. Do your part, craft armor, and take it to Outfitter Keynes!



Hell-Bent for Leather 8718 Obtain AdvenTek M-2 Shadefit Schematic by completing Guide: M-2 Shadefit Tech (craft 4 Pathfinder’s LitheTek Advanced Longcoats).
Hell-Bent for Leather 8719 Mats for AdvenTek M-2 Shadefit.


Bring the requested Medium Armor to Outfitter Keynes at Thermock Hold


  • 770 Copper
  • Technologist Tradeskill 275XP

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 15

Required Level: 10


Zone: Whitevale

Category: Tradeskills

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