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Hammer Time


Perelli needs your help finding his brother, Serillo, who ascending Zogg’s Slip in order to stop the Osun atop the tower from throwing their hammers down on Perelli’s home. He created platforms for his brother to use, but he hasn’t heard from his brother in too long.


1. Collect one of Perelli’s Power Ups at Perelli’s Procession.

2. Find one of the paths up Zogg’s Slip.

3. Ascend Zogg’s Slip by jumping on Perelli’s platforms and using his Power-Ups.


Speak with Perelli via the Datachron.


  • 10263XP

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 38

Required Level: 35


Zone: Murkmire

Category: Zone – Murkmire

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