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Establishing Base Perimeters (Exile)


Captain Darkstone has asked you to assist the Exiles in establishing a defensive perimeter around their camp. Several turrets and security cams have been set up around Darkstone’s Landing, but they must be activated. Hop to it!


1. Activate Landing Site Defense Turret near Darkstone’s Landing

2. Repair Landing Site Security Cam near Darkstone’s Landing

3. Disable the live Security Beacon at Darkstone’s Landing

4. Defend yourself against intruders at Darkstone’s Landing


Report to Captain Darkstone via your Datachron


  • 75000XP
  • 75 OPERATION: Northern Wastes Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 50

Required Level: 47


Zone: Northern Wastes

Category: Daily Quests

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