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Depraved and Decayed


The corruption that emanates from the Phagelabs is a dangerous and deadly disease. If the corruption is allowed to engulf all of Nexus, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the galaxy will succumb!

Depraved and Decayed 6330 Turn right for Phagelab Level 1.
Depraved and Decayed 6331 Step over an another teleportation pad in northwestern Phagelab Level 1.
Depraved and Decayed 6332 You can find the quest in southern part of Phagelab Level 2.


  • 31054XP
  • 167 The Grimvault Alliance Reputation Points
  • 167 The Grimvault Crusade Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 49

Required Level: 46


Zone: Western Grimvault

Category: Zone – Grimvault