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Deep in the Jungle


Bellona the Swordsister has asked you to find Huntress Drava, who vanished during a recent hunt.


1. Search Sanctuary Hill for Huntress Drava

2. Search the Silent Clearing for Huntress Drava

3. Search Stranger’s Hollow for Huntress Drava

4. Free Huntress Drava from the Stranger’s Web in text Link=”Location:45023″>Stranger’s Hollow


Report to Bellona the Swordsister via your datachron


  • 10263XP
  • 91 Wilderrun Expedition Reputation Points
  • 91 The Wilderrun Campaign Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 40

Required Level: 37


Zone: Wilderrun

Category: Zone – Wilderrun

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