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[DAILY] Field Experiment: Mushrooms


The Skeech of Wildwood Valley consume a local mushroom that appears to have hallucinogenic properties to them. However, it is believed that the active chemcial in these mushrooms only affects native Nexus life forms. Get some of the mushrooms from Skeech Shamans and Diviners, then give them to Dawngrazers to see what, if any, effect they have.


1. Collect A Wildwood Mushroom Spore Sample From Wretchfoot Shaman and Diviners in Wildwood Forest

2. Use the Spore Sample to Test the Effects of the Mushrooms on the Dawngrazers


Report your findings via the Relaybot


  • 467XP

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 10

Required Level: 1