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Cuisine Commando


Comandant Rav has invited you to appear as a guest chef on his daredevil cooking show, “Cuisine Commando.” Your opponent, Cuisinier Commando Morgunbraun, is waiting for you in the Cooking Area. There’s no time to lose!


1. Use the Prep Station to Chop Veggies in the Cooking Area

2. Berate Sous Chef Santos in the Cooking Area

3. Use the Challenger’s Stove to Sear your Roan Steak in the Cooking Area

4. Make One Final Culinary Decision in the Cooking Area

5. Congratulate Cuisinier Commando Morgunbraun in the Cooking Area

6. Speak to the Judges and Emceebot Devin to hear the Verdict


Return to Comandant Rav near the Keeper’s Sanctuary


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 50

Required Level: 50


Zone: Blighthaven

Category: Zone – Grimvault

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