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Coming Down Hard


The prisoners of Deadrock Prison’s maximum security section are rioting. Use Guard Zaggle Experimental Jet Pack to propel yourself towards the guard towers, then use the rocket launcher to help the guards quell the riot.


1. Speak to the Maximum Security Guard in Deadrock Prison

2. Access the Watchtowers by using the Experimental Jetpack in Deadrock Prison

3. Launch Rockets at Deadly Deadrock Inmate and Rioting Deadrock Inmate from the Watchtowers in Deadrock Prison


Return to Guard Zaggle in Deadrock Prison


Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 23

Required Level: 20


Zone: Whitevale

Category: Zone – Whitevale

2 thoughts on “Coming Down Hard

  1. Lockybalboa

    This quest gave me cancer. Hard target the mobs and then use “t”, if you try to use the mouse to target it will 99% not work.

  2. Omu

    Use F to take the jetpack up to the centre tower.

    Press T to bring up the aiming circle. Position the circle at least an entire circle’s distance BEYOND the target you’re trying to hit. Press left mouse button to fire. See where the rocket lands and try to adjust accordingly.

    I found that aiming vertically; i.e. high up on the ice pillars at the corners of this area or panning the view so it was over the shoulder of my character then shooting straight ahead resulted in the rocket going further which allowed me to (eventually) hit targets towards the middle and edges of each containment area.

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