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Chromatic Magnificence (Exile)


Protostar Chromatics Promoter has an amazing offer for you! Simply recover the Damaged Protostar Dye Collection from Battered Protostar Dye Crate, salvage it to obtain Plurbinum Dye, and turn that in to Protostar Appearance Modificator to receive your complimentary sample of Protostar’s state-of-the-art chromatic enhancement system! Visit Protostar’s representatives in Thayd for further details.

Chromatic Magnificence 861 You can accept this quest when you enter Thayd.


1. Find the Battered Protostar Dye Crate in Thayd and obtain a Damaged Protostar Dye Collection

2. Obtain Plurbinum Dye by salvaging the Damaged Protostar Dye Collection you obtained from the Battered Protostar Dye Crate in Thayd

Chromatic Magnificence 863 Pick up and drag Damaged Protostar Dye Collection to Salvage Buttonm and Salvage it. You can also use the salvage button and salvage Damaged Protostar Dye Collection without need to drag it.


Bring Plurbinum Dye to Protostar Appearance Modificator in Thayd


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 17

Required Level: 14


Zone: Thayd

Category: Tradeskills

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