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Buried Shinies! Exploding Mines!


Lucido’s Datapad contains many maps, each of them detailing where shinies have been buried in the Volatile Field. The only problem is that the area has been strewn with mines. Treasure Hunter Pallavi at Robber’s Rest has asked you to brave the mines and recover the shinies!


1. Dig up Dirt Pile and collect Darkspur Treasure in the Volatile Field


Meet Treasure Hunter Pallavi at Infiltrator’s Advance


  • 47925XP
  • 294 The Malgrave Outriders Reputation Points
  • 294 The Malgrave Territories Reputation Points
  • 50 Lopp Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 43

Required Level: 40


Zone: Malgrave

Category: Zone – Malgrave

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