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Broadcast Ready


Artemis Zin is preparing to make an announcement that she’s discovered the location of the mythical Elder Cube on the surface of Nexus. Unfortunately, her producer is late following an incident in Mondo Zax lab. Help Artemis by activating her broadcast stations and chatting up her loyal fans in the Imperial Museum.


1. Speak with Artemis Zin Groupie in the Imperial Museum

2. Find Cambot D-0c in the Imperial Museum

3. Find Cambot AR-2ms in the Imperial Museum

4. Find Cambot Z-1n in the Imperial Museum


Report to Emperor Myrcalus via your Datachron


Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 2

Required Level: 1


Zone: The Destiny

Category: Zone – Dominion Arkship – The Destiny

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