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Big Game Hunters [GROUP 5+]


An intruder in the Bio-Mech Facility’s Genetic Archives has created clones of some of Nexus’s most notorious denizens. They have been trapped with force fields on four of the eight large teleporter platforms. Open the force fields and kill Clone of the Darkspeaker, Clone of the Bosun, Clone of the Forgemaster, and Clone of the Invoker.


1. Destroy Clone of the Darkspeaker in Bio-Mech Facility Alpha

2. Destroy Clone of the Bosun in Bio-Mech Facility Beta

3. Destroy Clone of the Forgemaster in Bio-Mech Facility Gamma

4. Destroy Clone of the Invoker in Bio-Mech Facility Delta


Report to The Caretaker via your datachron


  • 93161XP
  • 500 The Grimvault Alliance Reputation Points
  • 500 The Grimvault Crusade Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 49

Required Level: 46


Zone: Western Grimvault

Category: Zone – Grimvault

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