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Base Drop


Commander Durek and FCON are being sent to Northern Wilds as part of a rescue operation.


1. Speak to Commander Durek in the Docking Bay

2. Travel to Nexus via Northern Wilds in the Docking Bay

Base Drop 223 Southern Departures Terminal leads to Northern Wilds leveling zone.

3. Travel to Nexus via Everstar Grove in the Docking Bay

Base Drop 224 Northern Departures Terminal leads to Everstar Grove leveling zone.


Report to Trooper Takag for a mission update


  • 38XP
  • 60 Copper

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 3

Required Level: 1


Zone: The Gambler’s Ruin

Category: Zone – Exile Arkship – The Gambler’s Ruin

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